Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 14.06.05Ballet classes from ages 4 and above are given by Instructor Monica. Students will learn ballet technique, correct body placement, co-ordination, body and spatial awareness, musicality and grace.


    • 1- Involvement in Ballet is beneficial both physically and mentally to children of all ages. Girls in their teen and pre-teen years can build hard-earned self confidence and self-esteem through hard work and physical development. These years are critical for physical fitness and health, and ballet is the perfect way to mature into a strong fit adult.


    • 2- Ballet is an amazing foundation for dancers of all aspirations. With a strong background in ballet, students can join onto all types of dance: lyrical, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and tap.


    • 3- Ballet is unique in that there is room for constant improvement, constant practice, and constant reward. Rewarding hard work through performance is a great way to build a student’s self esteem and desire to improve for the future.


    • 4- The ability to harness one’s strength and focus one’s discipline stretches beyond the wings of the stage and beyond the doors of the dance studio. If a child is enrolled in ballet, they will apply these tenets to their school and home lives as well. Focus in a ballet class will offer the child a greater opportunity for the same attentiveness in class and the same great attention span when doing homework. Their ability to behave appropriately in school will improve, as they will have a greater amount of self-discipline to apply to their lessons.


To register your child, please call One With Nature at +962 79622 3099