β€œOne With Nature is much more than a fitness program; it is an integrated approach to wellness.” Ralph La Forge, M.S. Duke University Medical Center.
The One With Nature (OWN) Mind-Body Water Resistance Exercise Program is a refreshing approach to fitness that blends mind and body in total body workout to enhance physical, functional and spiritual well-being. Capturing the essence of sea animals and their movements, this program allows you to explore the benefits of working in the wonderful medium of water. (click to watch an example of the exercise movement and its relationship to water creatures)
The OWN Program is designed for all ages and fitness levels, allowing anyone to experience the countless benefits of exercising in water. Using OWN aqua flotation belt, you will learn a series of safe and effective exercises that will greatly improve your aerobic fitness, muscle toning, endurance and flexibility.
The program allows you to achieve an effective and challenging workout according to your own fitness level. The OWN book contains over 30 movements related to aquatic life in an easy to follow workout sequence. It offers instructions on correct body movement and highlights the muscle groups that are being worked in each movement. It also offers guidelines on how to increase and decrease resistance and intensity levels for a challenging workout. With the special OWN DVD, you will enjoy and witness captivating footage of sea life and learn over 30 exercises that naturally relate to the aquatic life.
The OWN mind-body exercise movements are coded after the names of various sea creatures, making them easy to follow and recall. A take-along laminated cue card with illustrations of all the movements is designed to remind you of the various exercises while in the water.
One of the beauties of OWN program is that its simplicity and flexibility of usage allows independent practice and gives you the freedom to use these naturally harmonious stretching and strengthening moves at your own pace in a group class or in the comfort of your own pool.
OWN program also encourages self-expression in both movement and sequence. After becoming familiar with the various movements, you will be able to choose your own flowing exercises and develop a unique warm-up, cardio workout and cool-down as you float with the OWN Aqua Belt.
β€œThe OWN program is a natural way to improve your physical fitness so you can maintain an active and independent lifestyle while having fun.” Mary E. Sanders, Ph.D., FACSM, RCEP, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine
The One With Nature exercise program provides a natural way to achieve the health-related components of fitness, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, and healthy body composition. It is an effective, well-balanced, and physically challenging workout for all fitness levels and age groups. Each exercise is coded after the name of a different animal, making it easier to independently learn and recall the exercises in this program. The exercises are also grouped according to the muscles worked and provide intensity guidelines which enable each individual to exercise according to his or her own fitness level. Moreover, it is a fun and exciting workout since the exercises are as varied and unique as the animals themselves.
Finally, this workout has a relaxing and soothing effect on both mind and body. You will not only feel the physical rewards and wonderful benefits of exercising in water, but also experience the beauty and harmony of nature that One With Nature can provide.