Cardio Bounce

Bounce your way to better health with this fun and energetic class that uses a rebounder (looks like a mini trampoline).

Cardio intervals are mixed with strength training set to motivating music to give you an energized total body workout and help you shed the calories with a fun high energy workout with zero impact.










Barre BasedBodycon

Bodycon is a fun low impact full body #conditioning #workout that is light on the joints and enriching for the soul.

This 45 minutes #barre based class counters the bulking effects of cardio and weight training workouts with dynamic exercises that lengthen muscles, transform posture and maximize joint mobility to create #strong bodies that are #graceful at the same time.

I believe that diversity is an asset for positive growth and encourage people of all ages and abilities to come along and try the class


Instructor: Shireen Talhouni