For as long as I can remember, I have been exploring the crystal waters of the Red Sea and witnessing the beauty and diversity of its coral reefs. This passion for the enchanting world beneath the waves inspired my OWN Journey.
One lovely morning, as a spectacular sunrise silhouetted the desert mountains, I took an invigorating dip in the warm waters of Aqaba. Using my flotation belt, I began to move gently with the motion of the waves. Gradually my movements became more fluid, like that of the sea anemone, then the flamingo, the starfish and the ray. I relaxed and felt myself in harmony with the sea and its creatures. I soon realized the beauty and simplicity of relating to each creature and its unique movement. I not only felt the wonderful benefits of exercising in water, but also experienced the beauty and harmony of being one with nature.
By blending mind and body and weaving the natural rhythm and flow of the elements of sea, land and sky, one can remember a whole range of movements while exercising in the friendly medium of water. Keeping this in mind, I developed the One with Nature Mind-Body Water Exercise Program as an easy-to-follow workout sequence that honors the beautiful cycle of life throughout the day.
As we begin with sunrise and the “Awakening Warm-Up” we swim with the anemone fish and reach out with the sea anemone and swan to greet the dawn. Throughout the day and with the “Harmony in Diversity Workout”, we feel the power of living as we experience the harmony in the diverse movements of the unique sea creatures and aquatic birds. With the stillness of sunset and the “Hideaway Cool-Down”, we take time to slow down and retreat with the creatures of the sea as they take shelter for the night.
I invite you to venture on your own journey of fitness and wellbeing in the wonderful, friendly medium of water. As you take the plunge and try these exercise movements, you will discover that the OWN mind-body water exercise program is a simple, safe and effective method by which you can achieve physical and functional fitness.
Together we can make joyful splashes as we relate and swim along with each other, appreciating the beauty and harmony of our natural world and reaffirming the deep bond that unites us all.
Warm Waves
Ghada Muasher