MY OWN Journey: How It Began
For as long as I can remember, I have been exploring the crystal waters of the Red Sea and witnessing the beauty and diversity of its coral reefs. This passion for the enchanting world beneath the waves inspired me to embark on my OWN Journey.
One lovely morning, as a spectacular sunrise illuminated the desert mountains of Aqaba, I took an invigorating dip in the warm waters of the Red Sea. Moving gently with my flotation belt, I began to relax and feel myself in harmony with the sea and its creatures. This awakening led me to develop the
One With Nature Mind-Body Water Exercise Program.
As I reached out and exercised in the water, I experienced the freedom and fluidity of the sea. I understood the importance of stabilizing my movements to stay safe and balanced in order to reap the wonderful benefits of exercising in water.
Back at home in Amman, I felt the need to maintain the natural flow of the sea as I practiced yoga, pilates and oriental dance. As I rooted in the stability of the land, I tried to maintain my fluidity and flow so that I could move with ease and grace.
Through many warm family gatherings at the Jordan Valley Marriott, I enjoyed floating naturally in the unique salty waters of the Dead Sea. I never stopped marveling at the beauty each time the sun slowly descended behind the mountains and spread its golden light across the sea. I would relax and surrender to the stillness of sunset, realizing the importance of embracing the peace and serenity of the sky with every movement.
Recognizing this connection between sea (fluidity), land (stability) and sky (serenity) allowed me to better understand the importance of blending mind, body and soul to achieve balance, bliss and harmony in my movements and everyday living. In that spirit of unity and the ongoing passion to connect to nature, each other and the world around us, I established the One With Nature Center: a place where we can embark on our own special journeys and experience the mind, body and soul connection through various fitness and wellness programs and activities.
I look forward to welcoming you to the center, and wish you much joy and health as you continue on your OWN journey.
Ghada Muasher