In these days of busy schedules, demanding schools and mind-pollution from television and electronic games, Sandy Starfish Program is a refreshing approach to developing your child’s creativity, confidence and inner peace. Full of boundless energy and enthusiasm, Sandy entertains and motivates kids to move, discover and learn in an interactive, fun and creative way.
This class incorporates Sandy Starfish integrative curriculum which engages and stimulates children from ages 4 through 6 to discover and plunge into their own journey of imagination with Sandy Starfish and his friends. Sandy Starfish’s integrative curriculum creatively blends entertainment with physical exercise and foundational education skills to encourage kids to be active and healthy while ensuring they have the educational building blocks to be successful students and life-long learners.
The physical exercise component of Sandy Starfish On the Move involves movement and music to enrich children’s learning across the curriculum; fitness, dance, and yoga are used as a fun way to give ‘muscle’ to their imaginations. Kids will learn numbers, letters, science, and math skills through interactive games, stories, and activities, making learning fun and enhancing their educational foundation. In addition to these traditional school subjects, On the Move teaches basic cooking, music, environmental awareness, and appreciation of Jordan’s strong heritage and beautiful nature.
Recognizing the growing priority among parents on raising their children in an active, healthful, communal environment (and avoiding the growing problems of childhood obesity and diabetes), children will have the opportunity to come together and venture on a fun, exciting journey with Sandy Starfish to find their own special shining star as they improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being, by:
• Enhancing the ability to motivate, engage, and discover in a fun and creative way.
• Encouraging movement for healthy, functional living and preventative medical care.
• Providing opportunities for learning through creative visualization and imagination.
• Promoting oneness through interaction with the natural environment and one another.
• Building self esteem and resilience in a changing world.
• Emphasizing the commonalities which unite people of all cultures.
To register your child please call One With Nature at 0796223099.
Kids Interactive Websites: is a website built specially for kids to get introduced to Sandy Starfish and his friends and play fun, interactive games and activities that reinforce the goals of Sandy Starfish Program and integrative curriculum.