I’m a graduate in Physical Education with a unique background in physical rehabilitation and sports injuries. I have long followed my passion and became a certified Pilates instructor. I specialize in Reformer, Tower, MOTR, Cadillac as well as Combo Chair Pilates. My devotion to my clients keeps me motivated and up to date with the latest workouts and programs. This has inspired me to acquire other certificates as well such as Energy Healing, TRX, Light equipment (which include Buso and foam ruler) second certification of Art of Contrology, Cardiolates, and Mat Pilates. My aim is to provide a wholesome approach that keeps my clients fit and motivated.

MOTR, or ‘movement on the roller,’ is a Pilates workout
The MOTR, the single piece of equipment that makes this workout possible, is like a giant foam roller with resistance bands attached to one end. The bands can be adjusted to replicate the resistance of three, six or nine pounds. It was designed to focus on alignment, balance, core control and functional movement patterns.