TalinHarbidyan is a professional dancer , instructor and choreographer, she graduated from the Urdang Academy of Performing Arts in London with a major in Dance (contemporary Dance, ballet And Jazz) and musical theatre.
Talin taught dance for children and adults and choreographed dances for different events and shows across the Middle East and performed in different countries across The middle East, Europe and the Unites states .Talin is a dance member of “Sima dance company .”
She currently is the main instructor and representative of “Sima Dance Company ” www.simadancecompany in Jordan which is based in Dubai, teaching Contemporary Dance for children ages 10 and up ,adults , and anyone who has the passion for dance and is willing to learn from scratch. She offers classes for students with different dance back rounds and levels of experience who are up for the challenge.Her contemporary dance class is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet using a unique teaching approach that focuses on providing the student with a personalized learning experience in group classes with the aim to accelerate development.
A short introduction about Sima’s dance history;Sima Dance Company (winners of Arabs’s got talent) was founded in Damascus, Syria in 2003 by AlaaKrimed, a renowned choreographer known for his unique works in the region. After noticing a void in the Arab contemporary dance landscape, he took the first step towards filling that gap, aspiring to expose the Middle Eastern audience to the art of contemporary dance. Today, Sima Dance Company hosts over 40 dancers with an excellent academic background.
Sima’s vision is to increase exposure of the contemporary dance art form across the Middle East.