The correct body position for any exercise is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of any water workout. Buoyancy equipment such as OWN aqua flotation belt suspends the body securely and comfortably and helps to hold your body in a proper, natural alignment while you exercise in the flowing medium of water.
The OWN flotation belt enables you to perform low-impact and impact-free exercises as you move from shallow to deep water. As you float, the belt will give you stability in order to perform a series of safe, well-balanced and effective exercises that will greatly improve your aerobic fitness, muscle toning, endurance and flexibility.
One of the advantages of using a flotation belt is that you can exercise both vertically and horizontally, reaping the benefits of OWN and other water programs, especially walking and jogging in water.
Also, the belt is a great tool to take along on a seaside vacation. You can not only use it to exercise safely near the beach, but also while snorkeling (by placing it in front of your body) so you can float horizontally without getting tired and capture the beauty of sea life for a longer period of time.
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