Morning class: A mixed level class that begins with pavanmuktasana (joint-freeing series) and sun salutations. The main focus of this class is postural alignment in asanas that will leave you energized for the rest of the day. Yoga tools such as mudras, pranayama and meditation conclude the class.
Instructor:  Tamara Kasim
Evening class: A mixed level class that begins with pavanmuktasana (joint-freeing series) and then a series of asanas to strengthen, align and integrate the body. The result of this class is a sense of deep relaxation, harmony and wellbeing; an optimum way to wind down after a long day.
Instructor: Tamara Kasim
A therapeutic class recommended for new students and/or persons with back pain or other injuries/conditions. This class is slow-paced, with detailed focus on alignment (using props) and proper breathing. The result is improved strength and flexibility, pain relief and relaxation.
Instructor: Tamara Kasim
Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.
Tamara Kasim, a certified Structural Yoga™ therapist adapts yoga to the individual’s unique needs by assessing the client’s imbalances using Yoga and physical therapy assessment procedures to create an adaptive yoga program uniquely tailored to the individual needs.
Yoga therapy aims to eliminate or greatly alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by misalignment or injury. Most committed clients discover that their pain and inflammation are reduced, have better circulation, and have an overall feeling of well-being.
Instructor: Tamara Kasim
Iyengar Yoga is Hatha Yoga as applied in the manner of B.K.S. Iyengar. The practice of IYENGAR YOGA will become a discipline and is ideally suited, to strengthen our physical- and mental well being. With the help of ’’props’’ and Feedback Teaching methods, sets itself apart through the therapeutic applications of the postures. Injuries will heal and aching bodies will find relief.
Instructor: Tamara Kasim & Helen Hamilton – Kawar
Instructor: Rula Wardeh
Free Style combines the alignment of Iyengar, the flow of Vinyasa, the breathing of Hatha Yoga and meditation all into one.
Instructor: Alexandra Yashina
Unnata® Aerial yoga is a unique program that combines traditional yoga poses with strengthening components and fun of Aerial Arts. It is done on soft fabric trapeze hanging from the ceiling, thus the name “Unnata” which in Sanskrit means “elevated”, both physically and in spirit. In Unnata Aerial Yoga, our body weight is supported in mid-air. With the help of gravity classical yoga poses are explored in a new exciting way that strengthens the whole body, while enhancing body’s proprioception, proper alignment, decompression of the joints and release of deep muscles and fascia. Fly yourself fit and turn the whole world upside down!
Instructor: Alexandra Yashina
Prenatal yoga is a style designed for pregnant women to practice, regardless of their due date. The mixture of stretching, controlled breathing and mental focus offers a variety of benefits to expectant mothers. This form of yoga can also increase strength and flexibility in the muscles used during childbirth.Prenatal yoga may reduce stress levels and improve sleep patterns during pregnancy. It may also alleviate physical discomfort such as nausea, headaches and lower back pain.A Prenatal yoga class will typically include deep breathing, gentle stretching and suitable postures, with props often used.
Instructor: Tamara Snobar
Reduce corporate stress and bring the benefits of yoga into the workplace, as healthier employees result in a healthier working environment:
Yoga offers employees a chance to reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve morale and attitude.
In a calmer state of being, memory, focus and concentration are enhanced for higher performance, thus increasing alertness and productivity.
Physically, yoga helps increase energy levels and improve muscle strength, flexibility and posture, which is much needed for employees who endure long working hours.
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